Design: Norman Foster

W200 X D100 X H72 ס"מ

12,900 ₪ 17,200 ₪
הזמנה מחו"ל בלבד
המחירים כוללים מע"מ
המחירים לעיל מתייחסים ליחידה אחת
התמונות להמחשה בלבד, ט.ל.ח
Finish: Top glass. Base chrome.

The basic concept is simple: a surface rests on a structure with a central backbone, 2 side support arms and 4 tilted, projecting legs, analogous to the structure of vertebra and ribs of the human body. Conceived as a solid skeleton with a zoomorphic aesthetic, it allows the dry construction of a wide range of compositions that can be adapted to multiple uses, from individual workstations to large meeting tables, to the latest desksharing solutions. 

*Price may change based on selected finishes.


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