Design: Raw-Edges

170 X 240 ס"מ

4,940 ₪ 7,350 ₪
מידות נוספות:
200 X 300 ס"מ
יצרן: GAN
הזמנה מחו"ל בלבד
המחירים כוללים מע"מ
המחירים לעיל מתייחסים ליחידה אחת
התמונות להמחשה בלבד, ט.ל.ח
Finish: 100%New wool

This is one of the most representative pieces of the Backstitch collection, a series designed by Raw-Edges studio and inspired by the apparent randomness of the back of embroidery work. The Composition Green model is made with a predominance of green tones. Its energetic embroidery hints at a particular shape or pattern, giving it a certain artistic nuance, so it can be used both as a rug and as a wall tapestry. It is available in two sizes as well as in the Composition Brick version, in pink and coral tones. The series includes two other models, Calm and Busy, with similar inspiration but a different stitching style.


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