Design: Francesco Rota

W300+210 X D90 X H65 ס"מ

36,800 ₪ 60,000 ₪
המחירים כוללים מע"מ
המחירים לעיל מתייחסים ליחידה אחת
התמונות להמחשה בלבד, ט.ל.ח
סניף: תל אביב
Finish: Fabric. Color peach

The concept of the sofa as a furniture system comes to life in this design by Francesco Rota, who combines modular upholstered elements with Lema’s trademark containers. The collection - which reinterprets some of the creative styles typical of the industrial design of the 1960s - is the product of a desire to find common ground with the world of systems: the upholstered sections integrate with surfaces, shelves, side tables and containers which come together in different combinations to creation unique multifunctional compositions. The structure, made from fabric-covered metal, is a flat surface resting on feet secured with triangular cross-section joints. This, in turn, provides the base for the cushions and armrests, which simply rest on top of the structure without concealing it, thus celebrating the material contrast at the heart of this piece. The structure also provides support for the shelves and containers. 


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