RAW. lima
RAW. lima
RAW. lima
RAW. lima
RAW. lima
RAW. lima

RAW. lima

Design: Borja Garcia

170 X 240 ס"מ

3600 ₪ 5040 ₪
מידות נוספות:
200 X 300 ס"מ
יצרן: GAN
כמות: 1
המחירים כוללים מע"מ
המחירים לעיל מתייחסים ליחידה אחת
התמונות להמחשה בלבד, ט.ל.ח

Everything from its name, a synonym for purity and strength, to the Mediterranean architecture which inspires it, is a statement of sincerity and authenticity.

A layer of soft wool over a jute base. Harmonious dialogue arises from the juxtaposition of two apparently antagonistic languages.

The freshness of the permeable geometry of this second layer brings a contemporary look to an eminently classical design.


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